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Common sales content kills high value deals, slows down the sales process, and leaves money on the table. Don’t let that happen to you!

Messaging and content must make getting to the decision easier. You need to gain access to target buyers, beat buyer indecision, accelerate the sales cycle, resonate with decision makers and provoke action. Top sales performers do this a smart way: simplifying the complex sale. Our sales content takes a prescriptive approach, driven by research on top-quartile sellers, to help customers build pipeline, accelerate deals, boost conversation and transform sales for higher-value deals.

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High-Value Sales COntent We Deliver

Outbound & Inbound Sequences and Content

Integrated suites of emails, call scripts and social posts that prompt buyers to reconsider their status quo as well as crafted communications that act as a warmer for buyers.

Prospecting Playbooks

Comprehensive guidelines, best practices and strategies for sales teams to increase their chances of identifying opportunities, progressing opportunities and winning business. We create prospecting and sales playbooks, conversation guides.

Buyer Guides

Engaging, clear and structured guides that walk your prospects through their buying criteria, to help align decision makers, understand the benefits of the purchase to all stakeholders, to help the buyer caption get internal buy-in.

Value-Based Sales Presentations

Customer-facing presentations that accelerate deals - designed for both early and later-staged conversations based on comprehensive research of your target buyers and the solutions you offer.

Interactive Calculators

Tailored calculators that show buyers the cost of wasted resource and missed opportunities, based on external and internal research.

Case Studies

Customer success stories that go beyond productive narrative to offer commercial insight and quantify value in economic and operational terms.

Business Case & Value-Based Proposal Templates

Easy-to-use templates that help sellers demonstrate ROI, and ensures alignment with all messages delivered throughout the buyer’s journey, helping sellers overcome last-minute indecision and delay.

Want to give your sellers content with top-performer methods built in? Let’s talk.

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