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Driving Sales Performance

We are a team of internationally recognized experts in sales enablement, transformation, communication and high-impact event management. We help businesses worldwide to drive performance using advanced sales-enablement techniques, objective-driven event management, and impactful presentations. For more information about how Inkwazi Kommunications can work with your business, contact us.

Inkwazi is the Zulu word for the African Fish Eagle, a powerful bird that represents much of what we stand for: excellence, focus, efficiency, precision and impact. With its powerful talons, incredible wing span, rough sole, and its piercing call it is one of Africa’s most majestic birds of prey.

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Our Customers

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Catherine and I am focused on helping sales enablement, sales, product marketing, sales operations and event teams solve their day to day challenges, increase their effectiveness, as well as their personal and professional value

I am frequently asked for ideas, advice, information and for my services based on my 20+ years in marketing, sales, operations, sales enablement and event execution. My practical and experiential approach to sales enablement have led me to work with global brands such as VMware, AVEVA, Oracle University, Royal Bank of Scotland, Miller Heiman, Infoblox, Pagerduty, Showpad and Discovery Health South Africa.

Consultants, Advisors and Partners

Our team of consultants and strategic advisors has a rare mix of experience, each having worked with a variety of Fortune 500, FT Global 500 and S&P 500 companies. We are committed to helping our clients do more, and do it better.

Jacques Sciammas has held the roles of COO and CFO for several global corporations including Charles Schwab, McGraw-Hill, and Standard & Poor's. He is currently the President & CEO of www.sellingtoexecutives.com which conducts executive workshops to sales groups, engineers, and consultants on successful C-level engagement. Jacques has also delivered workshops and keynotes on building client executive relationships, and successfully selling to the C-Suite of many global corporations.

Sabby Gill excels in operational management, combining experience in successfully managing complex, multi-million-dollar accounts with proven ability in relationships-building throughout in EMEA at the CXO level. Sabby has the ability to grow team skills and sales capabilities, and has demonstrated financial management capabilities, business acumen, leadership, influence, negotiation, relationship-building, communication, organization, and team building skills.

Our Partners

What We Do

Emcee and conference moderator services

Our specialists can provide emcee and panel moderator services either to fulfil a standalone requirement or as part of our event management offer. Find out more

Total sales enablement

We are experts in sales enablement, and we can help you develop strategies, content and tools that will help your sales teams to work smarter, more effectively and more productively. Find out more

End-to-end event management

When you invest in sales meetings, conferences and similar events, you need a solid return-on-investment. Our experts can help to deliver this. Find out more

Presentations with real impact

We know how to create impactful presentations that deliver clear messages and engaging with the audience in a really personal way. Find out more

Helping Others

We believe strongly in corporate social responsibility. Apart from insisting on the highest ethical standards in everything that we do, we support organisations that help others in practical ways.

Work Angel Wisdom is a network of proactive professionals ranging from CEOs to individual contributors from a variety of industry sectors. Together, we provide people, especially younger career starters, with practical advice and information to help them to deal with day-to-day work-related matters. Find out more by following us on Twitter @workangelwisdom and on Facebook.

Ubuntu Mission Africa is a non-profit organisation with which we work, teaching under-privileged individuals the essential skills and knowledge they need to create employment opportunities for themselves or improve their performance in their current place of work. Read more at Ubuntu Mission.

Amavinkivonko is a community-based volunteer organisation that provides a range of schemes to help vulnerable people in Soweto and other townships in South Africa. We use our knowhow and resources to help maximise the effectiveness of Amavinkivonko’s work, which includes feeding/clothing programmes, performing arts classes and the delivery of work-skills. Read more at www.amavinkivonko.com .

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