Who We Are

We are a community of industry recognized experts providing Sales Enablement, Sales Transformation, Communication and high-impact Event Management Solutions to companies worldwide seeking to increase sales productivity, boost customer conversational excellence, increase learning effectiveness, improve customer experience of the salesforce and ultimately drive sales performance.

We are a rare mix of consultants, each with a 20+ year track record in Sales, Marketing, Operations and Enablement for Fortune 500, FT Global 500 and S&P 500 companies. Our consultants are top professionals committed to helping us execute our mission.

We are passionate about learning, performance and we understand the challenges from the seller’s perspective as well as the buyer’s. We love to build confidence in each and every person we engage with. We are motivated to make a difference for the audiences we serve, and for this reason, the following guiding principles drive our business interactions.

  • Simplicity.Delivering the information, knowledge and skills that count!

  • Excellence.Only the highest quality will do!

  • Significance.Making a difference where it counts!

  • Passion.We love what we do, we believe in what we do!

  • Innovation.We are always learning, growing and striving for continuous improvement in what we do so that we can deliver the highest value to our customers.

  • Partnership.Boosting value to customers through our partner network. We work with some of the world’s leading experts to bring a full range of capabilities to our customers and to ensure we are able to deliver the highest value and highest impact results.

What does Inkwazi mean?

Inkwazi comes from the Zulu word for African Fish Eagle. We chose this name as the Fish Eagle represents so much of what we are about; excellence, power, speed, focus, efficiency, precision and ultimately results. The stunning African Fish Eagle, with its milk-white head and tail, dark eyes, yellow cere, and chocolate brown back, has become synonymous with Africa’s inland waters, lakes, rivers and dams. In fact, its loud, piercing calls are a characteristic sound around African waterways. If you hear the call of the African Fish Eagle, you are likely to be in a relatively healthy environment and the call is often referred to as ‘the sound of Africa’.

Our partners include:

Strategic Board of Advisors

Catherine Schalk

Catherine has held positions as Director EMEA Sales Operations & EMEA Sales Readiness for CA Technologies, Sales Operations, Sales & Marketing for PeopleSoft and SSA. She is a twenty year veteran of the Software Industry with experience in marketing, sales, sales operations, privacy, enablement & event planning spanning global industry leaders such as Informatica, Hewlett Packard, CA Technologies, Hyperion, PeopleSoft & Informix.
Additionally, she has been Director of World Wide Sales Enablement with responsibilities including the execution & delivery of more than 2,000 enablement sessions, events & programs including new hire workshops, boot camps, webinars, regional & worldwide sales kick off events.

Jacques Sciammas

Has held the roles of COO and CFO for several large global corporations, including Charles Schwab, McGraw-Hill, and Standard & Poor's, where he was responsible for making executive buying decisions, which included directed technology purchases to support an increasingly complex infrastructure. He is currently the President & CEO of www.sellingtoexecutives.com a firm that conducts executive workshops to sales groups, engineers, and consultants on sucessful C-level engagement.
Additionally, Jacques has delivered workshops and keynotes on building Client Executive relationships and successfully selling to the C-Suite to many of the world's global corporations throughout Europe, the Middle-East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the United States.

Sabby Gill

Excellence in operational management; thoughtful; ability to grow team skills, sales capabilities and primary focus of growth in their contribution. Demonstrated financial management capabilities and with expert levels of business acumen, leadership, influence, negotiation, relationship-building, communication, organization, and team building skills.
Proven experience in successfully managing complex, multi-million dollar accounts with demonstrated ability to develop relationships in EMEAat the CXO level.

Matt Cox

Over 15 years of experience in Technology companies serving in multiple sales and services roles. Currently leading all sales strategy and operations with a focus on sales productivity and processes for the new HP Cloud business unit. Among his specialities are Sales Enablement, Sales Planning, Sales Process, Sales Strategy, Account Planning, Opportunity Planning, Technical Training, Sales Compensation, Mergers, Onboarding, Education Services, Partner Enablement, Partner Operations, Sales Productivity, CRM and Quote-to Cash

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