We have experienced public speakers to act as emcee, panel moderators and facilitators, either as a standalone requirement or as part of our event management service. We are experienced at audience engagement, ensuring that all delegates benefit from attending.

Emcee And Hosting

Chairing a conference with multiple speakers, panels and Q&A sessions calls for professionalism, experience and clear thinking. The host/emcee must control the timing and flow to ensure that everything runs smoothly, while having the speed of thought to deal with unexpected issues. Our emcees have the expertise and knowhow to ensure that audiences remain fully engaged, while helping to facilitate interactions as necessary. If you need an experienced and professional emcee for your next conference, contact us.

Panel Moderation

Question-and-answer sessions and panel discussions require skilful moderation to ensure that speakers and audience can make their points and get questions answered. Our consultants are experts at keeping discussions on the move, directing conversations between panel members and the audience, and preventing anyone (speaker or audience-member) from dominating the discussion to the exclusion of others. To find out more, please get in touch.

Voice Of God Event Announcer

In partnership with your event production crew, the role of the Voice of God Announcer is to inform your audience of what is happening and what is being asked of them. Whether it be time keeping announcements, introducing keynote speakers and activities, announcing winners or simply keeping your event flowing, announcements need to be easy on the ear, clear, crisp and accurate. The Voice of God Announcer remains out of sight but is still very much an essential part of your event!

There are few female Voice of God Announcers for corporate events and with Catherine's unique vocal frequency, ability to sight-read scripts, pronounce difficult names and partner with onsite production crews makes her an ideal announcer for your corporate event.

Podcast and Webinar Facilitation

Internet conversations are an excellent way of engaging with and talking to a worldwide audience. However, it’s absolutely crucial that the content and delivery is kept tight and connected: anything less, and the audience is likely to sign out. We have experts who can facilitate podcasts and webinars, fielding questions from audience members and encouraging panel members to keep their answers clear and focused. If you are planning a webinar find out more about our expert online facilitators.

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